2017 Aspen Gold Readers Choice Contest

Welcome to the 2017 Aspen Gold Reader’s Choice Awards for Published Writers 2017 ASPEN GOLD CONTEST OPENS April 1, 2017.

Participation in the 2017 Romance contest will be open to all published authors of novel, novella or short story length romance fiction. Entries must have an original copyright or first printing date of January 2016 through December 2016, and may be traditional or self-published.

New this Year: This year judges will have the opportunity to add a small paragraph on how the book resonated with them, how something did or did not work, why they might buy this author again, etc.

E-books should be uploaded as part of the online submission form. Acceptable formats are pdf, mobi and epub. Please send all formats you have to make it easier for our judges to read. Multiple files may be uploaded at the same time. Contact Aspen Gold with any questions. The on-line entry form should be used even if print books are being mailed.

Aspen Gold Online Submission Form (2017) Entries may be submitted starting April  1, 2017, and must be received by May 31st, 2017. E-Published Entries may be uploaded to the website when the entry form is filled out.

AG-Mailing-Label 2017 for mailing print books.

Please indicate the entry name and your name or pseudonym on your check or your PayPal payment. We need to be able to match your payment to your entry. Payment must be received by May 31st, 2017.

If you would like to judge for a category other than the one you enter, please contact Lesli at Aspen Gold.  If you would be willing to judge in our Molly contest for unpublished authors please email Kimberly at Molly.


Short Story - Short stories of any romance genre. Word length: Less than 20,000 words.

Young Adult – Novels of any genre aimed at the teen and young adult readers.  There can be a romantic element but romance does not need to be the focus of the work. Word Count: over 40,000 words.

Short Contemporary – Romance novels of a present day setting, including series romance novels in which sensuality may constitute a strong element in the romance. Word count: Less than 75,00 words.

Long Contemporary – Romantic novels of a present day setting, including series romance novels in which sensuality may constitute a strong element in the romance. Word count: over 75,000 words.

Historical - Novels that have a strong romantic element throughout. This includes regency romances. Settings must be prior to 1950. Word count: over 40,000 words.

Paranormal/Time-Travel/Futuristic – Romantic novels with any time setting that contain elements such as time-travel, other mystical/paranormal themes or set in the future. Word count: over 40,000 words.

Romantic Suspense – Romance novels in which suspense or mystery may constitute a strong element in the romance plot. Word count: over 70,000 words.

Erotic Romance – Romantic novels in which strong, often explicit, sexual interaction is an inherent part of the love story, character growth, and relationship development and could not be removed without damaging the storyline. Must have a central romance, including a Happily Ever After or Happily For Now. Word length: over 40,000 words.

Novella – Short novels of any genre at least containing romantic elements. Word length: 20,000 -40,000 words

Entry Deadline: All entries must be received by June 1, 2017. Any entries received after this date will be returned unopened.  If you are submitting print copies, please submit 3 print copies for the first round of judging. Print finalist will be required to send two additional copies if they move to the final round.

Entry Fees:  Short stories all have a new rate of $15. All other books rates are HODRW member $20, RWA member $25, others $30.  Entry fees may be paid via PayPal or check.  If using PayPal, please note what the payment is for, the novel and contest to ensure proper credit.

More than one category can be entered by different books. However, each category has a three book limit per entrant.

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