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2009 Molly Winners 0

2009 Molly Winners

Heart of Denver Romance Writers is pleased to announce the winners in the 2009 Molly Contest for unpublished writers Contemporary Tina Joyce Butts  for     His by Design  – Winner Kelley Bowen  for      got sex?...

2008 Molly Winners 0

2008 Molly Winners

Contemporary The Lawman’s Baby by Lyn Wagner, Eatontown, NJ – Winner Summer of Love by Victoria LeBlanc, Nova Scotia, Canada Until I Found You by Kate Weichelt, Ontario, Canada Single Title

2007 Molly Winners 0

2007 Molly Winners

Historical Highland Dragon — Kimberly Price – Winner Where Gulls Dare Not Perch — Marianne Harden Lost in Love — Pamela Bolton-Holifield Young Adult Taking Sides — Inara Scott – Winner A Ghoul Just...

2006 Molly Winners 0

2006 Molly Winners

Historical Mesquite Tree — Kaki Warner – Winner More Than A Rogue —  Inara K. Scott The Abduction of Miss Jenny Chandler — Teri Thackston   Romantic Elements  Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This — Wendy Byrne — Winner...

2005 Molly Winners 0

2005 Molly Winners

Historical Winner The Patrician’s Desire —  Joan Kayce – Louisville, Ky Runners Up The Sense Of Honor – Ashley Kath-Bilsky – Colleyville, TX Castle Ladyslipper – Marilee Brothers – Selah, WA The Devil’s Bargain...

2004 Molly Winners 0

2004 Molly Winners

Historical THE HORSEMAN’S HEART by Sherril Green RUINED by Victoria Grondahl SECRETS AND SEDUCTION by Elizabeth Stock –Winner Romantic Elements THE FOUNDATION by Alan Chaput — Winner FAMILY TREE by Corbette Doyle THE SEARCH...

2003 Molly Winners 0

2003 Molly Winners

INSPIRATIONAL: Winner! Leigh Germann, Visions Pam Hillman, The Missionary & the Mercenary Margaret Moseley, The Forgotten Thing PARANORMAL: Joy Nash, Celtic Fire Robin Perini, The Ultimate Price Winner! Heidi Shayla, The Winds of Caledonia HISTORICAL: Lesli...

2002 Molly Winners 0

2002 Molly Winners

Historical Mary O’Connor, Solomon’s Legacy Hilda J. Lindner-Knepp, The Stoner Principles Kathleen Baldwin, Lady Fiasco Winner: THE STONER PRINCIPLES by Hilda J. Lindner-Knepp Inspirational Bonnie Blythe, Thief in the Night   Audra Harders, Rough Ride Lee Tobin McClain, Montana Miracle Winner: ...

2001 Molly Winners 0

2001 Molly Winners

Winner of the Unsinkable Heroine Award 2002: Jennifer Grizzle, Beyond The Mists Of Midnight Click here for complete list of Unsinkable Heroine 2001 Finalists Historical 1st Place: Nancy Northcott, The Marriage Truce 2nd Place:  Devona Stiff, Another Man’s...

2000 Molly Winners 0

2000 Molly Winners

LONG CONTEMPORARY: 1st Place:  Leah Vroman, Portland, Oregon — THE RICH MAN’S BABY 2nd Place:  Catherine Mann, Prattville, Alabama — STOLEN MEMORIES 3rd Place:  Catherine Mann, Prattville, Alabama — WEDDING AT WHITE SANDS SHORT...