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2015 Molly Contest Winners Announced 0

2015 Molly Contest Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Molly contest. See the list of finalists on our webpage. Molly

2015 Molly Winners 0

2015 Molly Winners

Heart of Denver Romance Writers proudly announces the  winners of the 2015 Molly Contest   Contemporary The Rule of Thirds by Victoria De La O – Santa Clara, California – winner Second Chance in Laguna...

2015 Aspen Gold Winners 1

2015 Aspen Gold Winners

Heart of Denver Romance Writers proudly announces the  winners of the 2015 Aspen Gold Contest Contemporary Romance Bev Pettersen for A Scandalous Husband   –  Winner Robin Perini for Secret Obsession – runner-up L.A. Witt...

2014 Molly Winners 0

2014 Molly Winners

Winner is listed first in all red. * Means that a full manuscript was requested. Contemporary Swashbuckler – Karysa Faire (Concord, CA) Eire Ever After – Jeanne Dickson (Carlsbad, CA) His Sweet Lucy –...

2014 Aspen Gold Winners 0

2014 Aspen Gold Winners

The winner is listed first and is in all red letters. Congratulations to everyone! Contemporary A Whisper of Smoke by Angela Hoke The Trouble with Mistletoe by Jennifer Snow Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage  ...

2013 Aspen Gold Winners 0

2013 Aspen Gold Winners

Contemporary Redemption of a Hollywood Starlet   Kimberly Lang Rules of the Game  Sandy James – Winner The Man Plan   Elise K. Ackers Historical Sweet Enemy   Heather Snow Seven Nights in a Rogue’s...

2013 Molly Winners 0

2013 Molly Winners

Congratulations to our winners and finalists! Contemporary   Kathleen Hodges, Solon, OH                  Saving Sam – Winner Lynda Jo Schuessler, Port Hadlock, WA          Waltz With a Cowboy Marion Ekholm, Glendale, AZ                         Sing to Me, Professor Kathleen Gregory, Lockport, IL                       How She...

2012 Aspen Gold Winners 0

2012 Aspen Gold Winners

Romantic Suspense Cold Touch by Leslie Parrish – Winner Cowboy Under Siege by Gail Barrett High-Risk Reunion by Gail Barrett Erotic Romance: Tony’s Haven by Dominique Eastwick – Winner Becoming Sage by Kasi Alexander...

2012 Molly Winners 0

2012 Molly Winners

Contemporary:  Southern Comforts by Nan Dixon – Winner Clear as Glass by Lynn Kellan An Inconvenient Mistress by Mary Oldham Historical:   The French Way by Carole St-Laurent – Winner A Scandalous Gentleman by Renee Ann Miller The Parachutist by Diana...

2011 Aspen Gold Winners 0

2011 Aspen Gold Winners

Romantic Suspense No Turning Back  by Kaylea Cross  –   Winner The Royal Affair   by Gail Barrett Cover of Darkness  by Kaylea Cross Erotic Romance Make A Wish And Blow by Christina James   –  Winner...