Annual October Conference

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  1. The August joint workshop with CRW was a huge success. A number of HODRW members made the trek up north and the presentations were well worth the driving time and effort.
    Lara Balmbach from MLR, Passion In Print and Featherweight Press had some very interesting comments about how she got into the business and began her own e-publishing and print on demand press. She is expanding her business and talked about the explosion in ebook sales.
    In the afternoon session, Tamela Buhrke told us why we all need to learn about Facebook, Twitter and why it pays to blog. She recommended blogging with other authors and once you start a blog you should keep your name out there by getting on Twitter and following people. she recommended making comments at other writing sites.
    This was a really great session and had some very valuable information. She has sent all the attendees lists of sites to visit. It was a good way to spend a day and a good way to get re-energized about writing.