About Us

The Heart of Denver Romance Writers was formed in 1998 and represents an enthusiastic group of writers committed to improving the craft and business of writing romantic fiction. We are a chapter of Romance Writers of America. Our members represent a wide diversity of backgrounds and interests, and write in equally diverse areas of fiction including romance, women's fiction, paranormal, fantasy, historical fiction, young adult and romantic suspense.


Welcome to The Heart of Denver Romance Writers' beautiful, new web site. As members of HODRW, we are lucky to live at the foot of the Rocky Mountains and are blessed with the enduring beauty of Colorado. We are entering our 18th year as an active chapter of Romance Writers of America and look forward to 2016 with optimism and a renewed sense of We are writers, hear us roar!

Heart of Denver Romance Writers sponsors the prestigious contests, The Aspen Gold for published writers and The Molly for unpublished writers. 2009 was a year filled with exciting but disturbing changes in the fabric of the publishing industry. We saw the birth of a wonderful new e-publishing company and the connection of a major publishing house to the tentacles of a vanity press. But I am confident that our members will weather these changes with humor, intelligence and courage. We will persevere.

The lifeblood of our chapter remains with its members and we have a diverse group from writers who are just getting started on their first manuscript to others who are multi-published. Some of our members hold PHD’s, others come to us with sterling military backgrounds and still others hold two of the most important jobs of all—spouse and parent. No matter our backgrounds we all have a love of writing and we hope it shows in the variety of pages on our site.

One of our members, Rogenna Brewer, who was also the first president of HODRW, told me once that “Every writer has a different journey.” I’ve never forgotten her profound words. As the years passed, I realized more fully what she meant. Our journey to publication, our journey to finishing our first novel, our journey to submitting our first query letter to an editor or agent is different.

But one thing members of the Heart of Denver Romance Writers all have in common is our heart. We strive to beat as one, to help each other over hurdles in our path, to commiserate when we encounter seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but most importantly to celebrate our triumphs both large and small.

We thank you for stopping by our site and hope you like what you see. If you have any questions about our chapter, please feel free to contact any of our board members.

Physical address for the chapter is:

Heart of Denver Romance Writers
PO BOX 3811