2009 Molly Winners

Heart of Denver Romance Writers is pleased to announce the winners in the 2009 Molly Contest for unpublished writers


Tina Joyce Butts  for     His by Design  - Winner
Kelley Bowen  for      got sex?

Gail Zerrade  for       From Baghdad with Love

Ann Bleakley  for    Navigating the Heart

Ashley Henderson for  London Pretense - Winner

S G Shellabarger  for     A Very Patient Man

Romantic Suspense
Tina Joyce Butts  for The Agenda

Anne-Marie Carroll  for     The Gavel’s Echo - Winner

Donna Meier  for  Fatal Trust

Single Title
Stacey Keith  for  Crown of Fire - Winner

Heidi Luchterhand  for      Once Upon a Margarita

Donna Meier  for     Dangerous Secrets


Kate Freiman  for  Strong, Sweet, and Haunting

Allison J Pang  for    Shadow of the Incubus - Winner

Alexandra George  for      Demons in Dixie

Young Adult

Sheryl Carpenter  for Piper’s Kiss - Winner

Constance Gillam  for   The Pact

Maggi Landry  for  Hide and Seek


Cynthia Ann Arends  for    Wings of Desire - Winner

Gina Rosavin  for   In the Devil’s Arms

Gina Rosavin  for    In the Devil’s Arms – Book2: Resurgence

Unsinkable Heroine
(all received two perfect scores in Round One)

Gabrielle Arterburn  for    Simply Sinister

Ann Bleakley  for     Navigating the Heart

Ashley Henderson  for     London Pretense - Winner

Maggi Landry  for   Hide and Seek

Donna Meier  for      Fatal Trust

Alison Pritchard  for  The Sons of Gregor MacLeod: Highland Promise

S G Shellabarger  for A Very Patient Man

Tracy St Hillaire  for Thirty

Gail Zerrade  for    From Baghdad with Love

Heart of Molly –  Member Award
Joyce Barton  for Home to Tomorrow
Anna Hackett  for   Dragon Lord
Anna Hackett  for    The Lost Scrolls
Lesli Lent   for    Dragon
Maggi Landry  for.  Hide and Seek
Louise Suit  for    New Hope - Winner

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